8-year-old boy survives stabbing in Spokane Valley

8-year-old boy survives stabbing in Spokane Valley

As 30-year-old Bruce Landahl sits behind bars, the 8-year-old boy he’s accused of stabbing repeatedly Saturday is recovering.

“You know, here’s a dad out spending some time with his son, something that any dad would cherish,” Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Gregory said. “And along comes an individual for whatever his motive or reason is, turns around and commits this violent act.”

Deputies say a man and his son were sitting at HiCo in Spokane Valley when Landahl walked in, grabbed the boy and started stabbing him.

Gregory told KXLY the stabbing is believed to be a random attack.

“This type of occurrence around here is rare,” Gregory said. “That doesn’t make it any less scary.”

Deputies said Landahl appeared to be drunk or on drugs. They say while witnesses were waiting for deputies to arrive, the boy’s father and a handful of others jumped in and held Landahl down while another group took care of the boy, who was bleeding from several stab wounds.

“Of course we would expect a father to do that and bless him for doing it,” Gregory said. “But also the others jumping in to help too, that’s what Spokane is. It’s not the act of one single random violent act from an individual. Spokane, Spokane Valley is about the other. It’s about the community and it’s about family.”

The victim is expected to make a full recovery. Landahl was booked into the Spokane County Jail on Saturday, charged with first degree attempted murder and first degree assault of a child.

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