7 political things that happened at the 2018 VMAs

The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards featured a possible presidential candidate on the red carpet and a protest against family separation on the stage. Here are the political moments from this year’s show:

1. Michael Avenatti was there

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer told Variety he got an invitation and decided to come. He said he hopes it’s not his last VMAs and that he’s “seriously” considering running for president.

2. MAGA on the red carpet

“Make America Gay Again,” the message on the back of Bobby Lyte’s jacket.

3. Kevin Hart joked that the show was like the White House

Hart joked that anything could happen at the VMAs. “Things pop off, bad language, people run to the bathroom and send out crazy tweets,” he said. “It’s basically like your typical day at the White House.”

4. Logic’s performance of ‘One Day’ was an anti-border-wall protest

The rapper wore a shirt that said “F— The Wall” and performed onstage with members of immigration groups and their children, who wore shirts that said, “We Are All Human Beings.”

5. MTV launched a youth voter-registration campaign

Their “+1 The Vote” campaign encourages people to bring a friend to vote. MTV said it would have more than 1,000 Election Day parties in every state and promised top artists and activists would be involved.

6. The giant Moonperson set was inspired by the Statue of Liberty

The show was held this year in New York, and set designer Julio Himede told Variety it was to pay tribute to the city. “From a set point of view, we are excited about the fact that the VMAs is back in New York City,” he said.

7. Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ won Video With a Message

The category included videos about feminism, #metoo and equality. “This Is America” won out, and the video’s choreographer, Sherrie Silver, accepted the award on Donald Glover’s behalf. She said she was glad African dance could reach a large audience.