5,000th Washingtonian has died from COVID-19, Gov. Inslee announces

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Gov. Inslee announced Tuesday that the 5,000th person in Washington has died from COVID-19.

This grim milestone comes a year and three days after the first COVID death was announced, and nearly a full year since the stay-home order was first mandated.

Gov. Inslee issued the following statement:

“As we recognize the loss of 5,000 Washingtonians to COVID-19, let us both mourn for the families who have lost loved ones and be thankful for the Washingtonians who have pitched in to prevent further passing. Each of these 5,000 lives were more than a number to us. Each represents the loss of a unique individual who has left an empty chair in the lives of family, friends, and community.

“At the same time, it is fitting and proper to be thankful for the efforts of our citizens to fight COVID-19. Our residents have kept each other safe. If we had suffered the same death rate as other states, such as South Dakota, we would be mourning an 11,000 additional Washingtonians right now. Washingtonians do right by each other. We will continue to do all we can to help reduce infections, hospitalizations and deaths, so that more Washingtonians can emerge from this pandemic to enjoy healthy lives.”

As of publication, there have been 5,012 COVID-related deaths in Washington since February 2020.