4-year-old’s last request made possible by Spokane Quaranteam

SPOKANE, Wash. — While most five-year-olds are starting school, Ms. E is fighting to come back home.

For the past year, she’s been in Houston, battling leukemia. On Wednesday, she and her family got the news that it’s terminal.

To get her back home as soon as possible, the American Childhood Cancer Center of the Inland Northwest turned to Spokane Quaranteam.

“She said Rick, if we could pull off a private jet, that’d be amazing. And then she kind of laughed, because that’s a big ask right? With little to no warning,” said Rick Clark, leader of Spokane Quaranteam.

Rick posted the urgent request on the Quaranteam’s Facebook page.

“Within 70 minutes, Spokane rallied and two pilots with two private jets reached out and said they were ready to roll immediately to go pick up this little girl and bring her home,” Clark said.

Dennis Combs, a Boise pilot will be flying her home.

“But that’s Spokane you know? Given a chance to make a difference in someone’s life, especially a child’s life, Spokane says sign me up. I want to help,” said Leslie Woodfill, executive director of the American Childhood Cancer Center of the Inland Northwest.

Ms. E’s last request is to spend her last days with her dad, mom, and siblings, surrounded by her loved ones. She also wants to enjoy some pizza with them, and ride in her dad’s big truck.

“Once they stop the chemo, she has a very small window that she could travel, and in that small window, she’ll feel okay,” Woodfill said.

Her final wishes will soon be made possible by complete strangers.

She’s expected to land in the Inland Northwest on Friday.