5 ways to boost your home’s curbside appeal

5 ways to boost your home’s curbside appeal

Light up your walkway

Boost your curbside appeal at night by lining your walkway and/or driveway with exterior-grade light fixtures. It’ll add a nice glow to your yard and increase safety by lighting the way.

Mobile Herb Planter

Repurposing old junk is the way to go these days and you can make a trendy and useful yard decoration with some dirt, seeds and an old wagon. Plant your herb garden in the wagon and position in a noticeable and practical location in your yard and not only will you have a cute yard decoration but also all your favorite fresh herbs!

Add shutters

Adding decorative shutters is relatively easy and adds a quaint look to your house. On top of increasing your curbside appeal, they also have a practical functionality of providing an additional barrier against strong winds and providing relief from the summer heat.

Adirondack chairs

Being surprisingly comfortable, Adirondack chairs are an easy way to add simplicity and beauty to your yard. Either circled around a fire pit or sprawled on a deck, they can add a splash of color or cool elegance.

Power wash it all

New siding or a new deck not in the budget this summer? It’s amazing what a difference clean siding and a deck can make. Turn that power washer on the siding, deck, walkways and driveway to get rid of the dirt and grime and give it all a nice, new shine.