#4ThePeople: Where to return your ballot and how to track it

Rockford Election Drop Box
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4 News Now is dedicated to answering your questions about the upcoming election and the topic of ballot submission and security has been at the top of mind for many.

Washington is a vote-by-mail state and it is important to know where and how to return your ballot in order for it to be counted on time.

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There are a few ways you can submit your ballot. First, you can return it by mail through your personal mailbox or through a USPS collection box. You do not need to include postage when doing this.

You can also return your ballot through a white ballot drop box. One 4 News Now viewer asked where these drop boxes can be found.

There are several in each county and 4 News Now has made an interactive map with every ballot drop box in eastern Washington. Below, you will find the map, which includes addresses, photos of where you can find the drop box and a link to each county’s elections website.

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Another 4 News Now viewer wanted to know if ballots can be tracked and the answer is yes!

Once you return your ballot – either by mail or by ballot drop box — you can track it as it makes its way to your county’s elections office.

First, go to your voting portal at voter.votewa.gov. You will then need to verify who you are by entering your first name, last name and date of birth.

Voter Identification

Once in the portal, select “Ballot status.” This is where you will see the tracking status (its path to the elections office), as well as ballot status (whether or not it has been counted).

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A third 4 News Now viewer asked about the status terms you will see in your voter portal. Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton said there are four for the ballot tracking tool:

  1. Sent – Your ballot has been mailed to you
  2. Received – Your ballot has been received by Spokane County Elections
  3. Accepted – Your signature has been accepted and your ballot will be counted
  4. Rejected – Your ballot has an issue that prevents it from being accepted and counted

If your ballot has been rejected, it is likely missing a signature on the envelope or the signature does not match the one on file.

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