4 News Now Q&A: How can Idahoans schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment?

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Q: How can people in Idaho schedule their COVID-19 vaccination appointment?

A: The timeline for COVID-19 vaccination distribution in Idaho is speeding up.

Just this week, Governor Brad Little announced people 65 and older will be able to get the vaccine, starting February 1. The 65 to 74 age group previously had not been expected to get the vaccine until April.

Idaho health officials say these changes are thanks to a boost in doses coming into the state from the federal government.

Now, many people in North Idaho are looking forward to February, and want to know when they can make a vaccination appointment.

4 News Now turned to Idaho’s Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Christine Hahn, for some insight.

Dr. Hahn said it all depends on where you live in the state. Some sites may already be taking appointments. However, for most people, a new online tool will be key to finding out when it is you turn to get a shot.

“Next week, we are rolling out our tool, which is going to be available for Idahoans to sign up for vaccines and be notified by local clinics when that vaccine is available,” Hahn said.

Next up on the timeline is people in the 16 to 64-year age group with medical conditions that make them even more susceptible to severe illness or death from COVID-19. Some essential workers are also on that list. That phase is expected to begin in March.

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