4 News Now Q&A: How can I build the best resume possible?

The job market is hot right now and competition for a good job can be fierce. 

So, how can you build the best resume possible and stand out from the others? 

Certified resume writer and coach Debra Wheatman has four do’s and don’ts. 

Do: Sum up your skills and brand. 

A summary at the top of your resume is a way of highlighting your skills and creating a brand for yourself. If you are new to the job world, you could lead with your education instead of a summary. You can also tout your communication and collaboration skills. 

More seasoned workers can add an executive summary detailing the value they bring to a position of a company. 

Do: Write for the robots

Adding the position you are applying for at the top can help get your resume past applicant tracking systems. 

These systems look for specific keywords to find potential candidates. So, identify keywords used in a job description and make sure you include them. 

Don’t: Include anything and everything

Wheatman says your resume should not be a data dump of everything you’ve ever done. 

List the position, company and tenure followed by a few lines describing your role and then a few achievement-based bullet points. 

If you are a recent grad and you don’t have a lot of work experience, job search coach Stacie Haller says you can add volunteer involvement and applicable projects. 

Don’t: Lie or make mistakes

It’s okay not to have all the skills or requirements listed on a job posting, so don’t make untrue claims about yourself. 

Be sure to scrutinize your resume for any spelling or grammar errors before hitting send. 

Haller says “one error or typo on a resume might just take you out of the running.”