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4 News Now Mission Statement

4 News Now is a family-owned, people-first newsroom. We are members of your community, delivering news, information and entertainment from around the world to across the street, always keeping the viewer  and, our humanity  in mind.

We believe in telling you what we know, when we know it. Not only do we deliver the facts, we help put news in context so that you have a better understanding of how it can affect your daily life.

We know you aren’t always in front of a TV screen. That’s why we bring you the news where you are. We deliver information across platforms using emerging technology, but are always guided by the principles of strong, sound journalism.

We work hard to gain your trust; our stories should not only tell you the news, but show you how we gathered the information. Transparency builds trust and your trust is our greatest reward. We strive to always tell the complete truth as we know it and work quickly to publicly correct any errors that may occur.

The community is at the core of what we do and who we are. We live here, too. Our stories are your stories.

Our work offers a voice for those who often don’t have the platform to speak. We believe it is our duty to inform, but also to inspire.

At 4 News Now, we believe in shining a light. We use that light to guide the way in times of uncertainty. We shine a light in the dark corners, exposing wrongdoing and corruption. And, we use that light to illuminate the best in our community.