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If your Christmas display is too bright, and too distracting, should you be forced to pay for traffic control? A Boston city councilman says the owner of one home should have to pay for police officers to guide traffic by his house. The reason? His huge Christmas display- complete with millions of lights, and even a crown atop the house. The councilman says the Christmas display is over-the-top, and an accident waiting to happen. But the homeowner says he’s being unfairly targeted. In fact, he thinks the decorations do more good than police would- as drivers already slow down to get a peak at the display. The councilman admits there have been no accidents because of the display. He says he’s no grinch, and just wants people to be safe. What do you think? If holiday displays are bright and distracting, should homeowners be required to pay for traffic control around their house? If something were to happen, should the homeowner be responsible? Is this councilman being a grinch? Email us: soundoff@old.kxly.com

Sounds as though the councilman needs to worry about more important things for the Boston Police to do. I bet there has been at least one murder today. -Craig(Quincy)

If people have to pay for their lights, they’ll just take them down. Where’s the fun in that? -Ariel(Othello)

Are they ready to charge everyone with lights on outside? Who is to say what’s too bright? Chris is showing lights and addresses, will they all get charged too? -Brett(Colville)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this house and whoever did this. I would love to do this to my HOME!!! -Helen(Spokane)

Sounds to me as though someone like a city council member should have other things to occupy his time. -Mike

There is nothing wrong with putting up Christmas lights. Granted some folks go overboard but that’s there right. Don’t be a grinch. -Stu (Newman Lake)

I think most people will slow down and go out of their way to look at the display and they probably drive by that location faster in the summertime and like the guy said, who is to blame when driver run into trees? The congressman is a grinch. I’m sure there are more important things to be concerned about in their community. -Rick(Spokane)

Good grief! The lights are one of the highlights of the holidays. If someone has an accident while looking at the lights, they are likely talking on their cell phone and eating dinner at the same time! Drivers should be accountable for their own actions! -Diane (Sandpoint)

What ever happened to individuals being responsible for their own actions? The homeowner is not responsible for the people that drive past his house. Is it a distraction? Sure. Is he responsible for people that can’t control themselves? NO! -Lance (Coeur d’Alene)

5000 lights, 1000dollars, 1 huge crown, 2000dollars, and careless drivers eating airbags, priceless! Don’t change a thing-looks great. -Daryl(Post Falls)

I think that the drivers should know how to drive and watch where they are going. Pull over if they would like to look at the displays just to be safe. -Charlene(Spokane)

This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard in a while. DRIVERS are responsible for how they drive–not the owner of the house by which they drive (no matter how gaudily decorated). This councilman is either envious or has nothing better to do. -Miss E.(Lewiston)

On the subject of Christmas lights being distracting-Go to Los Vegas and see some distractions, they don’t have police directing traffic. They expect people to be responsible for their own actions. -Wendy (Chewelah)

The home owner was “gifting” the city’ Hats off to him .-Betty(Colville)

I think that during the holiday season that when people put up displays they are expressing their spirit of the season. Drivers need to be alert and they are the ones who are liable for any accidents, not the home owner. Thank you home owners for your spirit. -Marsha

Christmas lights causing traffic problems? What, are the lights disabling the brakes and power steering systems? Last I heard, the driver is always responsible for what happens…not fog, not bright lights, not snow or ice. Improper driving causes wrecks, and nothing else. Blame the driver, not the scenery. -Steve(Spokane Valley)

Oh come on, this is ridiculous…but since we have to blame someone (and not the bad driver) let’s blame President Bush as we blame him for everything else! -Zane(Spokane)

What is wrong with these people? I thought this was America? Why not charge car dealers an additional tax for people slowing down to look at their new cars? Why not tax Wal-Mart for the traffic they draw? -John(Newport)

As everyone in my house said “NO!” The display is beautiful! -Misty(Spokane Valley)

The councilman is a Grinch. No there is no need for traffic cops, and no the owner is not responsible if some idiot is speeding by and hits someone who is walking or driving slowly and looking at the display. Take responsibility for yourselves. -Gregg (Chewelah)

If a law like that is passed, it will only encourage my husband to put another 10,000 lights up in a shape that is not quite Christmas-like. -Shelly (Spokane Valley)

Deck the halls, pay the police? If the home owner is overdoing his display for Christmas, then why not pay the police? To keep people safe. OVERDOING IT!! -Byron(Spokane)

Accidents are caused by unsafe driving, not a light show. However, this guy should maybe have to pay a percentage of his electric bill to help those who can’t even afford heat, let alone millions of frivolous lights. -Janessa (Spokane)

Isn’t there something about making a public nuisance? The city should pass whatever laws they think are necessary for order and no nuisance. I would not like being next to that mess. -Nancy(Spokane)