2 US teams eye medals in women’s bobsled

Elana Meyers Taylor was attempting her third Olympic bobsledding medal with pusher Lauren Gibbs Wednesday morning.

Taylor and Gibbs would miss the gold medal by seven hundredths of a second with a time of 3:22.52 in the four heats.

The gold medal went to Germany’s Mariama Jamanka and Lisa Buckwitz who won with a combined time of 3:22.45.

Taylor, who won silver in 2014 and bronze in 2010, and her pusher Lauren Gibbs couldn’t make up the time to win gold in the third and fourth heats Wednesday in PyeongChang.

Taylor and Gibbs found themselves sitting in second place behind Jamanka and Buckwitz after the event’s first two heats Tuesday.

The two California natives teamed up to win bronze at the 2016 world championships.

Sitting in a tight bunch a bit further back is the second American team in the event, consisting of pilot Jamie Greubel Poser and pusher Aja Evans.

Greubel Poser and Evans finished in fifth place. The duo finished with an overall time of 3:23.02.

Two-time defending Olympic champ Kaillie Humphries of Canada competed this year with Phylicia George as her push athlete. Humphries and George took the bronze medal with a time of 3:22.89.